Crowd-sourced performances

Flash mobs, karioke verite, or a choreographed performance. If people don't go to the gigs, take the gigs to the people... but before you try busking in Oxford, please remember the council has a no-fun policy.

Featured Artists in this selection

  1. Cyndi Lauper
    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Amanda Palmer and Casey)
  2. Jill and Kevin
    Big Day
  3. Auther Lee
    Everybody's gotta live (Amanda Palmer and friends)
  4. Ravel
    Bolero (at Copenhagen Rail Station)
  5. Rocky Horror Picture Show
    Time Warp (at Cologne Cathedral)
  6. Pharell Williams
    Happy (danced by six students in Tehran)
  7. Amanda Palmer
    If you want to sing out, sing out
  8. Beyonce
    Put a ring on it (Danced by UK Single Ladies)
  9. Dahler Mendi
    Rang de Basanti (at Mumbai Central)

And if you think these videos are great, imagine how much better it is to actually be at a gig, the visceral music, the atmosphere, the sheer fun of it all. Support your local indie venues, and enjoy great music.