Cover Stories

Some great covers of records by other artists. Maybe you haven't heard of the band doing the cover. Maybe you haven't heard of the original either. Doesn't matter, they are still great videos.

Featured Artists in this selection

  1. The Piano Guys
    Pepomi (by Coldplay)
  2. Creepshow
    Pet Sematary (by The Ramones)
  3. The Healthy Junkies
    20th Century Boy (by T Rex)
  4. Shebang
    Sheena is a punk rocker (by The Ramones)
  5. Nouvelle Vague
    Ever fallen in love (by The Buzzcoks)
  6. The Toy Dolls
    Sabre Dance (by Khachaturian)
  7. Paulina Sinaga
    I'm the only gay eskimo (by Corky and the Juice Pigs)
  8. That's a No-No
    The Clapping Song (by Shirley Ellis)
  9. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
    Delilah (by Tom Jones)
  10. The Ukrainians
    Anarkia (by the Sex Pistols)
  11. The Dollyrots
    Brand New Key (by Melanie)
  12. The Baseballs
    Umbrella (by Rihanna)
  13. The Pretenders
    Creep (by Radiohead)
  14. The Slits
    Heard it through the grapevine (by Marvin Gaye)

And if you think these videos are great, imagine how much better it is to actually be at a gig, the visceral music, the atmosphere, the sheer fun of it all. Support your local indie venues, and enjoy great music.