Music from the Oxford Music Scene

All the videos in this selection are by bands featured on this site. Refresh the page if you would like a new random mix. You could see these bands or bands just like them playing around the small venues of Oxford and the surrounds.

Featured Artists in this selection

  1. Beard of Destiny
    Alt Rock, Acoustic Band from Oxford
  2. Saint Agnes
    Psych Band from London
  3. Megan Henwood
    Acoustic, Folk Musician from Oxford
  4. das Ghoul
    Horrorpunk, Rock'n'Roll Band from Oxford
  5. Blunderbuster
    Punk folk, Metal folk, Celtic Band from Derby
  6. Girl Power
    Punk, Metal Band from Oxford
  7. Invisible Vegas
    Americana, Rock Band from Oxford
  8. The Rabbit Foot Spasm Band
    Jazz, Blues, Swing Band from Oxford
  9. The Epstein
    Alt Folk, Indie, Americana Band from Oxford
  10. Calva Louise
    Band from London
  11. Invisible Vegas
    Americana, Rock Band from Oxford
  12. Rushil
    Acoustic, Pop Rock Musician from Oxford

And if you think these videos are great, imagine how much better it is to actually be at a gig, the visceral music, the atmosphere, the sheer fun of it all. Support your local indie venues, and enjoy great music.