The Wheatsheaf

The upper floor of the Wheatsheaf is a dedicated music venue with stage, bar, excellent sound system, and resident sound engineer Joal Shearing. This much loved pub has been a music venue since 2000 and the upper floor is a firm favourite with many bands. If you arrive too early for a gig, you can buy drinks downstairs and take them with you to the upstairs room when the gig starts. The venue also holds a number of free gigs in the downstairs bar.

Location and Transport

129 High Street

Just a stone's throw from Carfax in the centre of Oxford, The Wheatsheaf is located in the passageway that runs from High Street to Blue Boar Street. At the High Street end, you will find the passageway between Chelsea Building Society and Virgin Money. It is within walking distance of all the city centre bus stops and taxis, and about 10 minutes walk from Oxford rail station. Oxford's city centre is closed to private vehicles until 6:30 in the evening, (including Sundays and Bank Holidays) and has traffic enforcement cameras to record number-plates and issue automated fines (£60) to anyone who drives into the restricted area.


The upstairs venue is only accessible by a staircase. This staircase is wide and not too long. People with walking aids may need assistance, but it appears to be inaccessible to wheelchair users. The upstairs toilets are small and there is no dedicated toilet for disabled customers. The lower floor is all on the flat and should be accessible.

Information for Promoters

Audience capacity of upper room is 120 and the stage area is approx 4m x 3m.

Information for Performers

The downstairs bar at the Wheatsheaf also hosts a number of gigs, usually free, featuring local bands, playing acoustic or electric sets, but this is a very small playing area, at one end of the pub, and a bit of a squeeze sometimes if the band is popular. Nevertheless, these downstairs gigs tend to be great social experiences and good opportunities for upcoming bands to get experience playing live and to meet people in the music scene.

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