The Library

Established in 2011, The Library Pub is an independent pub and music venue which consists of a ground floor bar, a downstairs bar, and a garden at the rear. The garden also features home cooked food on some nights, Tuesday being a pizza night, and Thursday is Mexican. The music nights are held in the basement bar.

Location and Transport

182 Cowley Road

It is located on the Cowley Road, approximately half way between the O2 and Tesco, on the O2 side of Cowley Road. Gigs are held in the lower bar which is accessed by going through the door at the back of the upper bar and down the staircase.


This is a tiny venue with a lot of stairs, which is cosy, some would say intimate, and anything but accessible. There is a steep staircase up to the entrance and a further staircase down to the lower bar.

Information for Performers

This is one of the most "intimate" venues you will ever play, or to put it another way, it is very small and cozy, and the audience is close enough to lick them (although that isn't recommended).

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