The Cellar

This venue is no longer operational. A long established music venue, the Cellar was previously known as The Corn Dolly. It is a small venue with a big pair of speakers. As of mid-June 2018, the venue was running at reduced capacity but raised the money needed for building improvements, (over 2,000 people donated) which, it was believed, had secured its future as a music venue. However, the venue owners were unable to negotiate a viable rent with the landlord and as of March 2019, it has closed its doors for the last time. The last band to perform on the cellar stage was Who Killed Nancy Johnson.

Location and Transport

Frewin Court
Off Cornmarket Street

Frewin Court is a small yard off the west side of Cornmarket Street in the centre of Oxford, between the Gap store and the Lush shop. The entrance to The Cellar is on the first set of doors on the right hand side. It is within walking distance of all the Oxford city centre bus stops and taxi ranks, and about 15 minutes walk from Oxford rail station. Parking in Oxford is very limited and there is very little parking available close by.


Access to the Cellar is down a steep narrow flight of stairs and is inaccessible to wheelchair users.

Information for Promoters

This venue has now closed down.

Information for Performers

Oxford's city centre is closed to private vehicles until 6:30 in the evening, (including Sundays and Bank Holidays) and has traffic enforcement cameras to record number-plates and issue automated fines (£60) to anyone who drives into the restricted area.

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