Tigmus is an acronym for This Is Good Music, and was founded by Oli Steadman of Stornoway. It is an unusual form of promotion because it puts the artist in control, and uses crowd funding and a pledge system to ensure its events are commercial successes. It is largely automated via the Tigmus website. Venues can post their spaces, bands can book those spaces and fans can help fund the gig, while the site team work hard to ensure ticketing, licensing and advertising of the event all goes smoothly. It is no stranger to off-beat performance venues and has arranged gigs in churches, museums, and caves.

Info for bands

The Tigmus website contains an excellent FAQ which explains how the system works and what is expected of the artists, and what Tigmus offers. You should read this first. Tigmus is also happy to work with promoters and band managers, to help them find venues for a stable of bands, find venues for a tour etc.