Sofar ("Songs From A Room") aims to bring the magic back to live music. Sofar regularly stage small stripped back mostly acoustic gigs in unusual locations all around the city. At each event, Sofar curates three to five new and emerging artists (as well as some more well known faces) from Oxford and further afield and from all sorts of genres. The artists play a short set each and aren't announced in advance, so the audience gets to check out artists and music that is new to them. The music is also filmed and posted on the Sofar YouTube channel.

Gigs take place in living rooms in other small quirky spaces such as art galleries, churches and coffee shops. There have even been gigs on a barge, in a forest and in the Ashmolean Museum. The audience get emailed the venue a few days before, so get to explore new places as well as new music. If you'd like to go to Sofar Oxford, just sign up on the Sofar Sounds website and you'll receive one email a month listing the next Sofar dates around the world.

From a first gig in a London flat in 2009, Sofar is now a global phenomenon taking place in over 190 cities, showcasing bands from all corners of the world. The Oxford branch of Sofar is run by Jo Frost and a team of volunteers.

Info for bands

Sofar offers performing artists a couple of payment options: a high quality video of one track from your show, or a fee equal to what it would otherwise cost to make that video. If you want to participate in a Sofar gig, make sure you read the website and its excellent FAQ for performers before contacting them. If you are interested in playing, please email some information about yourself as well as a link to a live unplugged(ish) track, even if it is just recorded on your phone.

Getting involved

If you'd like to get involved, Sofar Oxford are always on the lookout for venues, camera crew and editors, photographers, bloggers and general helpers for their unplugged music nights in quirky spaces. If you can help with any of these, or would be happy to help out on the day, they are always very grateful

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