Gappy Tooth Industries

Gappy Tooth Industries was formed in 2002 with the intention of promoting artists and encouraging creativity. Its monthly showcase event aims to provide an outlet for anyone wanting to perform or exhibit their material. No genre or medium is privileged within this space, and it endeavours to juxtapose contrasting interests so as to present as varied a night as possible. In fact, its motto is "Oxford's most adventurous live music promoters". A nice thing about Gappy Tooth gigs is that they always have a photographer present and take lots of good quality pictures of the bands for show on their website archive.

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Info for bands

Gappy Tooth runs just 12 events per year so opportunities to be included in this monthly showcase are very limited, and bands are normally only allowed one appearance. They are normally booking three to six months in advance. The Gappy Tooth website contains an excellent FAQ of what they are looking for and how to get a gig with them, and you will greatly increase your chances of being booked if you read it before contacting them.

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