Divine Schism

Friends and musicians Andrew Grillo, James Cunning and Aiden Canaday have been running interesting DIY music, film and art nights in Oxford and London since 2012

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Friday 24/01/2020 @ 8pm
Buy tickets from WeGotTicketsLucy Leave, Yorkshire Duck, The Cooling Pearls, Basic Dicks: . Album launch for Lucy Leave's "Everybody is doing so well"
WHEN: Friday 24/01/2020 @ 8pm.
ADV TICKETS: £6.60 from WeGotTickets.
PROMOTER: Divine Schism.
MORE INFO: facebook.com
Wednesday 12/02/2020 @ 8pm
Buy tickets from WeGotTicketsHyperdawn
WHERE: The Library.
WHEN: Wednesday 12/02/2020 @ 8pm.
ADV TICKETS: £5.50 from WeGotTickets.
PROMOTER: Divine Schism.
Sunday 16/02/2020 @ 8pm
Buy tickets from WeGotTicketsGrawlix, Junk Whale
WHERE: The Library.
WHEN: Sunday 16/02/2020 @ 8pm.
ADV TICKETS: £5.50 from WeGotTickets.
PROMOTER: Divine Schism.
Friday 06/03/2020 @ 7:30pm
Buy tickets from WeGotTicketsIslet
WHERE: Florence Park Commnity Centre, Oxford.
WHEN: Friday 06/03/2020 @ 7:30pm.
ADV TICKETS: £9.90 from WeGotTickets.
PROMOTER: Divine Schism.
Friday 03/04/2020 @ 7pm
Buy tickets from WeGotTicketsBuy tickets from GiganticPorridge Radio
WHERE: The Bullingdon.
WHEN: Friday 03/04/2020 @ 7pm.
ADV TICKETS: £9.90 from WeGotTickets.
ADV TICKETS: £9.90 from Gigantic.
PROMOTER: Divine Schism.

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