Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you create OxfordMusic.XYZ?

Oxford has a fantastic independent rock music scene. There are some great small venues, promoters who work tirelessly to organise gigs, and some absolutely awesome bands and musicians, and together they make the world a brighter and more vibrant place. This website wants to show the world what a great place Oxford is for live music fans.

Why isn't my band included?

The website is a work in progress and we know there are still yet more bands to be added to our database so if you are not listed there then it might be because we haven't got around to you yet, we couldn't find any info about you on the web, or we've just never heard of you. So if you want to be included, drop us a line.

Remember though, we are only including bands which play live gigs in the small indpenedent venues of Oxford and which play original music. We won't be listing covers bands unless they play a special part in the indie music scene, and we won't be listing tribute acts at all, or the out of town touring bands who only play the big venues. We also are focussing mainly on the "rock" music end of the spectrum. There is nothing wrong with jazz, folk, classical, opera, DJ nights, or even karaoke, they are all part of music culture, but they all have their own websites and plenty of coverage already.

Why isn't my venue included?

Whether its a venue, promotions company, supplier of services or whatever, the answer is much the same. We are not trying to list every possible venue, or every pub in Oxford. We are only trying to list the ones which regularly host gigs for the small independent bands playing original music and contribute to the live music scene of the area.

Where did you get my email address from?

If an email address is listed on an entry for your band, venue, etc, it is either because the same address was openly listed elsewhere on one of your own public pages, e.g. on your own website or on your Facebook page, or because you gave us the address directly and we confirmed with you that it was your working email address and that it was okay to use it. Nevertheless, if you don't want your email address to be listed, just let us know and we will remove it, or if you want to us to show a different email address, again, just let us know. We do not sell email address lists and we never condone spamming.

Where do I login so I can change my page?

You cannot. This isn't Facebook. This is a site about the Oxford music scene and its history, researched and written by ourselves, to our own house standards. We always try to be fair and accurate in what we write, and if something is factually incorrect, please let us know and we will change it or delete it, as appropriate.

Will you book us for a gig?

Sorry, we are not gig promoters. The promoters in Oxford do a great job, and they are the best way for upcoming bands to get themselves live gigs. Check out their websites, find out what they are looking for, what sort of acts they book, and what information they want from you. Don't just use the scatter gun approach of mailing every promoter you can find.

Can you get us cheap tickets for gigs?

We don't have any special access to event tickets. If you purchase tickets online in advance, that usually works out a bit cheaper than paying at the door, and sometimes bands have a ticket allocation from the promoter which they can sell in advance at a reduced rate.

Are you funded by the music industry, or by the promoters, or by a magazine?

No. OxfordMusic.XYZ is entirely independent of music businesses, promoters, suppliers, and the media. It is privately funded by music lovers.

Is there a charge for being included?

We are not going to charge people to access the site, or require people to register. There is no charge for being listed. We do not offer premium listings or enhanced listings. We are not going to be adding advertising to the site or pop-ups. We do not receive referral fees or affilliate fees. We do not receive commissions on merchandising. We are not going to be selling email lists or mailshots or anything else. We are not going to make you take surveys. We are not doing this to make money.

So if its not to make money, why are you doing it?

Because we all need to support our local musicians. There is more to music than X-Factor.