Violence Is Golden




Violence Is Golden Trivia

Origins of the name: Violence Is Golden was the title of the debut album released by UK band The Scanners in 2006, but is also the title of a 2010 essay by the American author Jack Donovan. Vocalist Mark had originally planned to write some lyrics regarding the subject matter of the essay, and when he suggested the phrase as a song name, the band were unanimous in using it as the name of the band.

Throwing their money around: During a performance in October 2015, guitarist Sam took some of the band's business cards out of his wallet and threw them into the crowd. He then realised that he'd thrown his credit card as well and had to ask if the person who'd caught it could please return it.

Abolition: In January 2016, the band organised a gig at The Wheatsheaf, Oxford, titled Abolition, in support of The Abolicao Trust, a charity which supposrts young people in some of the poorest parts of the world. The gig raised around £250 for the charity.

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