The Mighty Redox

The Mighty Redox is an original eclectic live band (no covers), the ultimate party band which believes in having fun. Formed in 1995 from the ashes of Tin Tin Tin (which started playing in 1985), the band was originally named Redox because two band members came from Reading, and two from Oxford. It added "the Mighty" to its name in 1998. It has been called a "swamp rock band", and punk hippies, but prefers the description "psycho eclectic rock".

Alt Rock, Pyscho-eclectic



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  • Regulars on the festival scene, The Mighty Redox has played many years at The Charlbury Riverside Festival, three times at Cornbury Festival,The Green Gathering and others. It has aslo toured extensively in Germany and France, and has annual trips to Glastonbury and Devon.
  • In 2018, The Mighty Redox successfully crowd-funded its album, Beyond Our Eyes.

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