Lucy Leave

Fuzzy psychedelic drone-pop and post-punk noise, with a hint of early Pink Floyd. The band went retro and produced a sample cassette, but also released a real EP on CD in June 2016.

Psychedelic, Rock


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Origin of the name: No-one in the band is called Lucy. Lucy Leave was the name of a song written by Syd Barrett, recorded by Pink Floyd in 1964 and used only on a sampler disk they distributed in 1965. Mike, the Guitarist from Lucy Leave, used to play in a Pink Floyd tribute band called Interstellar Emily.

Fashion Sense: Lucy Leave was described by Nightshift as looking like "mismatched trendy teachers getting together for an end of term revue". Well actually its only two teachers plus an academic.

Oxford Punt: Lucy Leave was selected as one of the showcased local bands at Oxford Punt 2016.

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