The two-man Cherokii is an unusual but hugely dynamic combination of bassist and drummer. Its a fantastic live act, but some of the song titles are not for the faint-hearted. A review in Nightshift said of them ""These boys are beasts. Make them your gods."

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Origins of the name: Originally the name Cherokee and was intended to be a working name for one gig only, but sort of stuck. To go with the Cherokee theme, Jack and Felix wore feathered head-dresses, but discovered it made them very hot under stage lights. Later the name was changed to Cherokii to avoid confusion with a French band.

Three minutes too long: This song was used for the band's first sampler single. Jack said "we thought we'd written a really clever song,... but then we discovered we were too stupid to play it".

Oxford Punt: Cherokee was selected as one of the showcased local bands at Oxford Punt 2016.

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