Callow Saints

Callow Saints is an exciting 4-piece indie rock originals band, comprising of catchy lyrics, beautifully powerful female vocals, thrilling guitar, pumping basslines and a drummer. You're guaranteed to leave with their songs stuck in your head for days. Along with their own music, Callow Saints are also capable of delivering professional, high quality covers gigs, with a wide range of music from the 50's up to modern day hits, with their own brilliant takes on some underplayed songs.

Indie, Rock, Alternative



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Callow Saints Trivia

Girl with one eye: When playing live, the Callow Saints often perform a cover of this song in their own distinctive style, but it is better known as being released by Florence and The Machine. However, it was actually written by a London band, The Ludes, and performed by them but never recorded, at a time when the young Florence Welch used to hang out with them.

Live and Wired: No multi-tracking on this one. The first sampler CD from the Callow Saints is so named because they went into the studio and recorded each song as one take, the way they would perform it live.

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