Beaver Fuel

They call themselves punk for want of a better description. Leigh plays guitar, sings and is mostly to blame, James plays bass and says stuff sometimes, Chris plays drums whilst barking and howling.




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International Branding: The Beaver Fuel official t-shirt is red with large white lettering across the front. The lettering reads БИВР ФЮЛ, which is a Russian phonetic representation, but not a translation, of Beaver Fuel, (the translation would be Бивер топлива). Earlier versions of the t-shirt also carried the wording "In Communist Russia, beaver will eat you".

Accidental Metal: In 2015, Beaver Fuel were asked to stand in at short notice for a band which had dropped out of a Metal For The Masses competition. Beaver Fuel is not a metal band, but didn't mind making up the numbers. To their surprise, they won the audience vote and reached the semi-finals.

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