The August List

Hailing from Dorset and now residing in a small barn perched on a hill in Oxfordshire, The August List plays 'backwards country porch folk' with a rock 'n' roll attitude. Tom Robinson said "It's a rare West Country husband-and-wife duo that can pull off the knack of sounding simultaneously like a vintage Louisiana jug band and at the same time very much like themselves."

Lo-fi, Alt Folk, Americana



Record Label:
Ubiquity Project Records

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Hightown Crow: The August List wrote a song called Hightown Crow and used it as the title track of its 2013 EP and featured it again on its full album O Hinterland. The opening lyrics are "From his perch above the town, he can see what's goin' down". The August list originally hail from Dorset. On the edge of Dorset are two small villages near to each other named Hightown and Crow. If you drive down to Bournemouth along the A31, near Ringwood you will see a road sign pointing to an exit reading Hightown Crow.

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