Bands and Artists on the Oxford music scene

These are the indie bands who are either based in Oxford, or who have been active in the Oxford music scene in the last year or so, and playing original music, and shows the strength in depth of the Oxford music scene and talented musicians who too often go unrecognised. Bands come and go. Bands change their names and their styles, band members move to different towns to take jobs or go to university, commitments change. This can never be a definitive list of bands in Oxford. Instead it is a celebration of the bands and artists who have brought music into our lives.

This page is a work in progress and the 508 bands, artists, and musicians listed here is only a fraction of those who are making valuable contributions to the music scene and enriching our lives. If you are an Oxford live-performance originals band, then chances are we'll spot you sooner or later and add you to the list, but if you would like your details adding to the site, and want to give us a heads-up, please feel free to contact us using the contact form, or fill in the "Add My Band" form. Please note, generally we do not list tribute acts, classical music, opera, disco, poets etc. Whilst these are all valuable forms of culture in their own right, we are only focussing on the indie rock and pop scene in Oxford.

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