The Jericho Tavern

The Jericho is often cited as a "historic venue" for Oxford music and you will no doubt have heard that Radiohead played there back in 1986 when they were an unknown band. The L-shape of the upstairs room is less than ideal for gigs. The downstairs bar includes a restaurant area. The venue now includes free WiFi, and has excellent toilets.

Location and Transport

56 Walton Street

Located on Walton Street, it is 10 to 15 minutes walk from the town centre and about 20 minutes walk from the rail station. When entering the pub, it is not immediately obvious where the music venue is. Go to the left of the bar and at the back of the room is the doorway to the garden along with a narrow staircase signed for the toilets. At the top of the first flight is the toilets. Continue up the second flight, as far as you can go, and you eventually reach the music venue.


The number of stairs involved means the music venue is inaccessible.

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